April 13, 2013

How BIOzone Food Purifier Works by CDM Hanis Haizi

  • BIOzone Food Purifier uses a proprietary process integrating ozone-resistant materials to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). 

  • The ozone that eliminates contaminants will be converted back into oxygen. The medical grade silicone tube will then channel the ozone into the water where the food is immersed. 

  • Bubbling process will take place to purify the food within the pre-determined time frame. 

*see yourself from the pictures below..
what we had by eating chicken for so many years :

In few minutes,
You can see foam like substance appearing on top.
Looks like "fats" are on the bubbles... Now it starts to smell bad a little.

After 30 minutes,
Look at how much the "bubbles" have accumulated.

When we scooped it up. The texture is sticky.

Wipe it and try to burn it to see 

if this is just normal "bubbles" or something else?
**Special thanks to hanishaizi.com for the demo :)

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