February 23, 2012

One Dream Veil Contest by Pn. Fainie


Buat B2B 2012, hari ni nurul nak share ONE DREAM VEIL CONTEST
dari Pn. Faini

Interested to join? It's so easy and simple
  1. Be my follower on Adria Cottage & ChintaAidaIskandar
  2. Post a veil picture with a magic word. (That's mean, 1 picture and 1 word caption. No need an essay)
  3. Share with or tag a B2B 2012 and inform her about this
  4. Drop a comment below to notify me, so i can visit u back
  5. Didn't have blog? No worries, you may email me at fainie_riz@yahoo.com

Competition conditions:
  1. Brides and grooms who will get married in this year
  2. Participation of the whole Malaysia are welcomed
  3. Closing date for entries on 31 March 2012
  4.  Judgement is based on creativity and uniqueness.
  5.  All judges decisions are final

My Dream Veil on My Wedding's Day


Invite B2B 



  1. thx dear and goodluck..that veil mmg awesome

  2. Hihihi i pon nak buat pasal ade org tag. Tp tak terbuat2. Hihi nnt laa bile tgk u buat terasa nk buat jugak. Hihi

  3. gutlak dear..;)
    owh ske veil hanak ye..cantik kan;)
    btw dh folo kamu:)

  4. i buat sebab diorang duk post n comment pasal hanak. tp serius mmg lawa la